all about meeee:

me Hi again. im moriah aka mori aka ur worst nightmare and im a barista and fulltime weird girl based in the lake disctrict UK. im currently working on moving to manchester for september 2024 to find a better life for me and my baby boy soil and my best friend Emily, who's also a super cool artist. as well as my husband trent reznor i have a huge love for vampires, fashion, conspiracy theories and horror. im currently still developing more style and focusing on gaining skills so i can fully translate my thoughts and feelings into the real world. after spending years trying to find my place in the world im commited to build my own where i can fully express everything i need the world to hear before i die. all my own work can be found in the gallery section and the journal is my own little dump area to document what ive been up to and working on! i hope you can find some inspiration as my plan for 2024 is to treat this space as a digital sketchbook to document and organise all my inspiration and the growth of my art, because of this i cannot stress enough that everything on this site is 18+ so please protect the children. love u stay safe

est. August 16th, 2020